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Better Performance and Greater Power with the Stoke Foil Boost

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Since its release on the market less than a year ago, the Stoke Foil Boost has helped foilers from all over the world spend more time foiling. 

Wing foilers, SUP foilers, downwinders and prone foilers have been having a lot of fun with the innovative electric propulsion system. We’ve had some incredible feedback from our wonderful customers.

In recent months we’ve been busy making some further improvements to the Stoke Foil Boost. Check out some of them below:

More power, better performance

The biggest improvement comes from an upgrade to the Stoke Foil Boost’s motor system.

We’ve extended the motor’s length, and during the process, implemented advanced technical upgrades in motor design and enhanced the component specifications. The revamped motor isn’t just about generating more power; it’s also proficient at managing heat. 

As a whole, the improvements to the motor have seen our maximum thrust now reach an impressive 55 pounds. This solidifies its position as the most potent foil assist system available in the market.

Propellor improvements

It’s not just the motor that has benefitted from improvement. The other upgrade is to the Stoke Foil Boost’s propeller.

The twin blade propeller has changed from nylon to a durable and tough marine grade aluminium. This allows the propeller to be thinner, but also stiffer. This extends the battery life and results in a remarkable surge in thrust.

This high-performance aluminium propeller will now be a standard feature with every Stoke Foil Boost sold.

Propellor improvements

What do the improvements mean for foilers?

The upgrades to Stoke Foil Boost’s motor, propeller, and electronics will benefit every foil discipline and every foiler. You’ll be able to have more fun, effortlessly.


if you’re looking to use our foil boost as an eFoil, you now can. This is due to the improved heat management from the electronics and software upgrades. 

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    1. Hello Marek,

      Great question!

      When using the Stoke Foil Boost, the riding time will depend on your skill level, gear, weight and conditions you’re foiling in. With the current battery it should be approximately 15 minutes.

      Reach out if you’ve got any more questions.

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