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Downwind Foiling. Go Further With The Stoke Foil Boost

Downwind foiling is all about distance. You can foil for kilometres and kilometres – if you can keep linking the waves. This is where the Stoke Foil Boost comes in – it gives that bit of propulsion if you lose the swell and need to link to the next wave.

Downwind foiling is the most frustrating of sports if you aren’t on the foil. The Stoke Foil Boost will help you in lighter conditions to go further and more efficiently.

Downwind Foiling

Downwinding in any weather conditions

What happens when the conditions aren’t right, when there’s not enough wind, waves and current? When you can’t create the speed and lift required to get your board out of the water? You could stay home and mow the lawn, head to the beach and get frustrated, or you could attach the Stoke Foil Boost to your downwinding hydrofoil. Or maybe it should be called down waving.

A smart feature of the Stoke Foil Boost – particularly for downwinding – is that it’s attached to the mast of the foil, just below the board. When you need additional propulsion to get out of the water, it’s provided with a press of the button. This is done using the robust but small wireless controller that you hold in your hand. When out of the water, you can turn off the Stoke Foil Boost and the 188mm diameter propeller automatically folds away, minimising aerodynamic drag.

By not needing the additional propulsion all the time, you can travel many kilometres while downwinding.

In short, you’ll be able to downwind for longer, in all conditions, with less effort and greater efficiency. 

You’ll also be able to downwind more safely, as the Stoke Foil Boost can help you get back to shore even when the wind and waves are not in your favour.


Yes, the Stoke Foil Boost has a universal mast mount that is designed to attach to all current foil masts. It’s quick and easy to attach and can be completed in a minute or two.

Using the Stoke Foil Boost for downwinding, you’ll have enough battery capacity for over 50 launches out of the water. Easily enough for a long session and kilometres of downwinding, with power left over to help you get back to shore.

You can purchase an additional battery. Batteries are very easy and quick to changeover.

Less than 2 hours for a full charge.

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