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Stoke Foil Boost is a small, beautifully designed, detachable electric foil propulsion system that gets you foiling at the push of a button. The Stoke Foil Boost has a sleek hydrodynamic design, powerful motor, high-capacity battery, is light weight, quick to attach, and utilises the most advanced electronics. Engineered and tested for use in the harshest marine environments, the Stoke Foil Boost is designed to get you foiling more.

Stoke Foil Boost High Power

The high-powered battery provides over fifty boosts. That’s fifty waves caught or the start of fifty amazing flat-water wing rides. It will also provide over an hour when using the paddle assist power level. Paddle twice as fast, catch more waves and save your energy for riding.

The Stoke Foil Boost is engineered for performance. It is powered by a purpose-built motor which is capable of a massive 57lbs of thrust, 4000W and 9Nm of torque. It’s fast enough to launch you on even the highest aspect foils in the lightest winds or smallest waves.

High spec materials are used to keep the Stoke Foil Boost light and powerful. The total weight is just 3.8kg. Protecting your Stoke Foil Boost when not in use is a high-quality EVA case.

Stoke Foil Boost Universal Mast Mount Retrofit to any Foil setup

Universal mast mount fits every mast and can be fitted or removed in less than one minute.

The twin blade marine grade aluminium folding propeller shape is computer engineered to maximise acceleration and boost performance.

The intuitive wireless controller is designed for all foiling disciplines. It attaches to your paddle, wing or can be handheld.

Receiver and cabling which is simply designed, unobtrusive and easy to attach and remove, delivering instant reliable communication.

Electronics are packed with features designed for the toughest marine conditions, delivering an instant response and a smooth crisp throttle.


The Stoke Foil Boost’s interchangeable smart battery provides high-capacity, high-density power storage. Battery attachment is via a quick and secure external locking ring for easy battery changes. 

Our advanced Battery Management System (BMS) provides longer battery life, more power when you need it and has specifically designed safety features including temperature monitoring and over voltage protection.  

A convenient charge Level Indicator is placed on the internal battery face. This allows you to check the voltage without connecting the battery to the Drive Unit – ideal to know whether a charge is required before heading to the beach.

The 4 Amp smart fast charger takes less than 2 hours to fully charge a battery.


The Stoke Foil Boost universal mast mount fits every mast, aluminium or carbon using small interchangeable silicon rubber side pressure pads. The universal mast mount can be fitted or removed from any foil mast in less than two minutes.

Attaching the Drive Unit is simple using the one-piece mast mount clamping plate. The captive attachment bolts mean that you will never drop them in the sand, and they provide an even spread of pressure along the mast. There are also keyways included on the clamping plate to ensure you always have the specially shaped side pressure pads in the right orientation.

The soft interchangeable side pressure pads ensures that force isn’t placed against the thin more fragile trailing edge of the mast. The mount is firm and won’t move unexpectedly on your mast, even in the most extreme manoeuvres or dismounts.


Propulsion is delivered via a 2 Blade 188mm diameter folding propeller (55mm diameter folded). 

The Stoke Foil Boost’s blade shape is computer engineered to maximise torque and boost performance. It has been refined through hundreds of hours of testing. The hydrodynamic propeller housing is designed to minimise drag and the propellor automatically folds away when the boost is not engaged. 

The marine grade aluminium blade construction and silicon rubber blade opening impact absorbers add strength and durability.


The Stoke Foil Boost is powered by a custom designed brushless motor capable of a massive 57lbs of thrust, 4000W and 9Nm of torque. This motor that has been engineered specifically to our Stoke Foil Boost acceleration requirements for launching riders effortlessly out of the water. The design maximises engine torque and allows for a compact overall length with no additional gearbox required. It has a fast response time for start-up, super smooth acceleration and crisp throttle control for take-off. 

The motor also incorporates a bespoke internal mounting so that power generated is transferred into forward propulsion and not sideways flex.


The Stoke Foil Boost has a Bluetooth wireless controller designed to work on the water with the rider.

At less than 10cm long and 4cm wide the controller can securely attach to a wide range of wings and paddles. It works perfectly on the handles of a Wing, a SUP paddle and is also comfortable handheld when Prone foiling.

The carefully sculpted, intuitive trigger design has a lot of features and is easy to use on the water. 

There are 4 power modes; paddle assist, low, medium, and high. We created it like this to cater for every rider weight and every use, including a low power paddle assist mode that limits power and configures the system for maximum efficiency.

It incorporates a configurable safety lock to stop accidental use and constant two-way communication relays the inputs from the rider to the Drive Unit and sends key information back via the high contrast colour screen.Like everything on the Stoke Foil Boost, the controller is designed to withstand the elements. It’s double sealed and the electronics inside are encased in a resin compound to ensure they perform reliably every time.


Stoke Foil Boost’s electronics are purpose designed and expertly configured. The Smart Electronic Controller integrates, interprets, and manages all the data and inputs coming from the BMS, motor, remote and receiver to ensure you don’t need to think about your next boost. It just works faultlessly every time you need it.

There are layers of built-in protection. Protection that you won’t see but do need such as low voltage protection, high voltage protection, over-current protection, temperature abnormality protection, over-temperature protection and signal loss protection.

We only use the highest quality components and chipsets to ensure fast processing delivering instant response and a smooth crisp throttle.


To ensure the instant response of the Stoke Foil Boost there is a small receiver that communicates with your handhold controller. 

The receiver is only 10cm long by 3cm and attaches securely by a 3M Dual Lock on to any part of the surface of your board. The 3M Dual Lock is neatly concealed under the receiver housing for the simple attachment and removal of the receiver. 

The receiver is connected to the Drive Unit via an extremely thin but strong 2.8mm connection cable. As all boards have different dimensions, up to 1m of cable is neatly stored inside the receiver housing, providing a total of 1.6m available cable length. This cable can easily be adjusted as required depending on the board size and selected mounting location.

A mast track cable guide provides a clean, simple path to run the cable from the drive unit to the receiver. This clever little cable guide mounts into your track behind or in front of your foil and is held in place by a small grub screw. There are also adhesive cable guides included for use on the board.

The receiver and cable are designed to be secure, unobtrusive, easy to fit and give lightning-fast response times between the controller and the Stoke Foil Boost electric propulsion system.


Protecting your Stoke Foil Boost when not in use is a high-quality EVA case. The CNC cut foam holds the components securely and is great for storage and travel.

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