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Elevate your foiling dinghy experience

The Stoke Foil Boost will have you foiling in the lightest of breezes.

The propulsion system that attaches to Your foiling dinghy

The Stoke Foil Boost is a compact motor, battery and electronics system that enhances your foiler.

It assists you in getting up foiling when the wind is light, the sea state is challenging or you just want a smooth, controlled and effortless launch onto your foils. It easily attaches directly to your rudder just below the transom of the boat, does not change the dynamics of your boat and is designed to have minimal water resistance. Ultimately, you’ll get a boost when you’re on the water but no drag when the boat is foiling.

Take Flight Sooner - More Time Foiling

Lighter winds. Easier take off. A safer experience.

There’s a lot to love about the Stoke Foil Boost. It provides a powerful and efficient way to get you foiling more often. The easily attachable system offers 55lbs of thrust to get you foiling quickly.

Simple setup in under two minutes ensures you’re on the water faster. Intuitive controls put you in command, allowing you to focus on your sailing.

Foiling Dingy Waszp with Stoke Foil Boost
Skeeta Foiling Dingy was a Stoke Foil Boost

A world first

Collaborating with top sailing innovators, we’re excited to introduce the world’s first electric propulsion system for foiling dinghies. Now you can experience foiling in lighter winds, maneuver effortlessly, and confidently return to shore even if the wind disappears.

Crafted for performance

  • Take off in as little as 4-5 knots of wind
  • Enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Safely return to shore when the wind drops off
  • Enjoy easier entry and exit from the marina
  • Universal mount for seamless installation on your foiling dinghy
  • Optional E-daptor easy launch mount
Stoke Foil Boost on a Waszp foiling Dingy

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Installation is straightforward and hassle-free, generally taking less than 2 minutes with just 2 bolts to fasten and an adhesive receiver to attach. 

Yes, the Stoke Foil Boost has a universal mount that is designed to attach to the vertical section of a rudder foil. There is also an optional separate mount available for the Skeeta and Nikki dinghies.

Launching a boat does use some serious power, but fortunately our battery options have that. You’ll have enough battery capacity for over 40 x 15 second launches from our standard sport battery (or over 50 launches if you are using the product on your Winging setup).

Less than two hours for a full charge for the standard sport battery.

Absolutely. The Stoke Foil Boost is engineered to withstand the rigours of high-speed sailing and adverse weather conditions. Its durable construction and robust design ensures optimal performance and reliability, even in challenging environments.

Maintenance is minimal with the Stoke Foil Boost. Regularly inspecting the unit for any signs of wear and tear and keeping it clean and dry when not in use are recommended practices, along with rinsing the propeller blades and remote control with fresh water after use. Additionally, ensuring the battery is charged to recommended levels and properly stored will help prolong its lifespan.

The Stoke Foil Boost comes with a comprehensive warranty package to provide peace of mind to our customers. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and ensures that you receive prompt support and assistance in the unlikely event of any issues.

We made the Stoke Foil Boost suitable for foilers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans. Its intuitive design makes it easy to operate for all.

Not at all, and it actually makes it easier for some manoeuvres such as motoring out of a mariner or getting out of irons. The Stoke Foil Boost is designed to provide a smooth and controlled experience getting up onto the foils. Its streamlined profile and lightweight construction ensure minimal impact on the performance of the vessel either foiling or low riding.

Yes, the Stoke Foil Boost is designed to withstand exposure to both freshwater and saltwater environments. Its corrosion-resistant materials and protective coatings ensure long-lasting durability and performance, regardless of the sailing conditions. 

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