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Sports Battery

AUD $1,190.00 (excluding taxes)

Capacity: 211Wh

Sports Battery unit with inbuilt Battery Management System. Great for extra sessions on the water. The sports battery comes standard with all Stoke units and is recommended for most riders however they foil.

Travel Battery

AUD $990.00 (excluding taxes)

Capacity: 141Wh

Planning a foiling adventure? Now you can bring the convenience and power of the Stoke Foiling system with you! With advanced airline approval our new Travel Battery can be taken on planes, making it the perfect travel companion.

XR Battery

AUD $1,390.00 (excluding taxes)

Capacity: 318Wh

The Stoke Foiling XR Battery is here to extend your foiling sessions. Designed for maximum performance and endurance, the XR Battery unlocks new possibilities for your foiling.