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Remote Controller Lanyard

AUD $12.00 (excluding taxes)

Soft webbing strap for secure secondary attachment of the remote controller unit to the boom, wing handle or paddle.

Propeller Blades

AUD $165.00 (excluding taxes)

Pair of moulded propeller blades. The computer engineered shape has been developed specifically for Stoke Foil Boost to maximise launch performance and refined through hundreds of hours of testing.

Remote Controller Attachment Strap

AUD $24.00 (excluding taxes)

Silicon rubber flexible attachment strap for mounting remote controller unit to a boom, wing handle or paddle.

Remote Controller Unit

AUD $479.00 (excluding taxes)

An ergonomic and comfortable controller, intuitive to use. Includes controller unit and rubber attachment strap.

Receiver and Antenna Unit

AUD $349.00 (excluding taxes)

Receiver and Antenna unit, cable, IP78 connector plug and board mounting adhesive pads. Additional cable is housed internally providing an adjustable cable mounting length from 50cm to 150cm. This allows the receiver to be mounted near either the front or rear of the board depending on board type and use.

Battery O-Ring

AUD $18.00 (excluding taxes)

Silicon rubber O-Ring for the seal between the Battery and the Main Drive unit. We recommend replacing this Battery O-Ring every 3 months or 20 hours of use.

Main Battery Charger

AUD $239.00 (excluding taxes)

Fast charger for the Main Battery.

Remote Controller Wireless Charger

AUD $39.00 (excluding taxes)

Wireless fast charger for Remote Control Unit. Has USB cable included for power source.

Storage Case

AUD $139.00 (excluding taxes)

EVA moulded plastic travel case with 1680 fabric covering and CNC cut internal foam to protect your Stoke Foil Boost and accessories when not in use. Note the Main Battery is not approved for airline travel with most airlines due to it’s large power capacity. Please check with you airline prior to travel.

Silicone Grease

AUD $9.00 (excluding taxes)

Silicone grease for lubricating the Battery O-Ring each session prior to attachment of the battery.

Drive Unit End Cap

AUD $135.00 (excluding taxes)

Protective cap to keep water and debris away from blade connectors.

Mast Mount Rubber Pads – Standard (Orange)

AUD $29.00 (excluding taxes)

Silicon rubber pads for mounting foil onto mast. Standard size suitable for most masts. Set of 4.

Mast Mount Rubber Pads – Thick (Blue)

AUD $29.00 (excluding taxes)

Silicon rubber pads for mounting foil onto mast. Thicker pads suitable for thinner carbon masts. Set of 4.

Mast Mount Rubber Pads – Thin (Grey)

AUD $29.00 (excluding taxes)

Silicon rubber pads for mounting foil onto mast. Thinner pads suitable for thicker carbon masts. Set of 4.

Mast Cable Guide

AUD $14.00 (excluding taxes)

Have your Stoke Foil Boost cable neatly guided on your mast and along your drop box. A neat and clean placement of your cable reduces possibility of any additional drag.

Receiver Adhesive 3M Dual Lock Strips

AUD $4.50 (excluding taxes)

This is a great product to have your Stoke Foil Boost receiver conveniently placed on the back or front of your board. The velcro provides strong attachment making sure your receiver stays secure while you foil. You can easily attach it before your session and detach it when you’re done.

Stick On Cable Guides – pack of 4

AUD $14.00 (excluding taxes)

Stick on cable guides ensure your Stoke Foil Boost receiver cable stays neatly attached to any part of your board. Keeps the cable neat and away from you making your ride more comfortable.

Extra Board Attachment Kit

AUD $29.00 (excluding taxes)

In this extra board attachment kit you’ll get 1x Mast Cable Guide, 4x Adhesive Cable Guides, 1x Receiver Adhesive 3M Dual Lock.

Foiling Dinghy E-Daptor

AUD $1,022.00 (excluding taxes)

The Foiling Dinghy e-Daptor makes mounting your Stoke Foil Boost quick and easy. Here’s how:

  • Simple Installation: Clamps securely onto your foiling dinghy’s rudder box with a wing nut – no tools needed!
  • Effortless Operation: Rotates down for foiling, locking into place for a stable ride.
  • Quick Release: When you’re ready to launch or retrieve your boat, simply rotate the e-Daptor up and lock it out of the way.
  • Easy Adjustments: A retractable lever makes rotating the e-Daptor smooth and effortless.

*Stoke Foil Boost not included.