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Underboard Receiver and Antenna Unit

AUD $349.00 (excluding taxes)

The underboard receiver attaches quickly and securely into the foil mast track of your board. With its smart electronics the whole of your board becomes an effective antenna. The result is a strong consistent communication signal with a sleek, elegant finish. The design has been engineered so that there’s no need to insert foam or other packing material into the mast track either.

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Similar to our on top of board receiver, the underboard receiver contains an easily adjustable length cable allowing your Stoke Foil Boost to be mounted and adjusted at any height on your mast from 12cm to 85cm below your board. The setup to attach the receiver is extremely fast with just one bolt into a custom T-nut that can be left in your mast track. With the underboard receiver, the whole Stoke Foil Boost attachment system is fantastic at the beach as it’s a total of just three quick bolts to add or remove the entire Stoke Foil Boost.

The underboard receiver itself is tiny with just over 2cm in width and height below the board. With the thin cable leading to the main drive unit being only 2.8mm diameter, there’s no need to worry about any hydrodynamic impacts from the receiver or adding tape onto your mast for the cable. Our custom-designed thin rubber bands keep the cable neat and tidy in the same manner as our on top of board receiver.

For the experienced or prone foilers riding lower volume boards, the underboard receiver opens up even further possibilities. With the whole board turned into an antenna, you just need the nose out of the water to have perfect communication. This is ideal when sitting in the lineup waiting for a wave.

The underboard antenna works on the majority of boards on the market, however if you have a board with a carbon mast track we recommend using our over board receiver. If you are unsure, please contact us.

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The Underboard Received is designed to be compatible with exisiting and new Stoke units. Whether you’re upgrading your existing setup or investing in a new Stoke unit, the Underboard Receiver will give you a sleek look and a steady connection. 

Yes, the Underboard Receiver is designed to withstand exposure to both freshwater and saltwater conditions. Its durable construction and protective seals ensure reliable performance, even in harsh marine environments.

Every Stoke product is designed with simplicity in mind. The Underboard Receiver is no exception – it only takes one minute to attach it and get foiling.