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Prone Foil More with the Stoke Foil Boost

Prone Foilers get up earlier and ride longer on their local break. The Stoke Foil Boost takes that to the next level.

With Prone Foiling it’s all about timing your pop up to get the foil up and flying. The Stoke Foil Boost will get you up and foiling earlier on the wave and in smaller conditions. It gives you that little bit of extra pop when you need it. It’ll also makes the paddle out that little bit easier.

Prone foil in any surf conditions with the Stoke Foil Boost

The Stoke Foil Boost attaches to the mast of the foil, just below the board, so you can use the power of the propulsion unit to supplement the power of the waves. This gives you enough propulsion to get you foiling faster and earlier. Once you’re foiling, the reduced drag allows you to easily stay out of the water and feel like you’re flying.

As well as being able to prone foil more in any conditions, the Stoke Foil Boost makes getting out to the wave zone so much easier. You’ll be able to catch more waves, earlier and more often.

Additional propulsion when you need it

The ingeniousness of the Stoke Foil Boost is that it provides power when it’s required – when you need to get foiling. The power is in your hands with a small handheld controller. The 188mm diameter propeller even folds away automatically to reduce drag.

The Stoke Foil Boost is compact, sleek and surprisingly light. Even with the battery, the total weight is just 3.5 kilograms.


Yes, the Stoke Foil Boost has a universal mast mount that is designed to attach to all current foil masts. It’s quick and easy to attach and can be completed in a minute or two.

For most prone foil set-ups, you’ll have enough battery capacity for over 50 launches. If that’s not enough for you in a session, you can purchase an additional battery. Batteries are very easy and quick to changeover.

Less than 2 hours for a full charge.

The unit is controlled by a robust yet small wireless controller that is handheld when prone foiling.

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