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Stoke attended boot Dusseldorf

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Stoke made its first appearance at Europe’s largest boat show, boot Dusseldorf, thanks to our partners, Haiku and The event drew record attendance, leading to a lot of buzz and interest for the Stoke Foil Boost, particularly following some cool demonstrations in a temporary indoor pool, complete with wind turbine fans.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Haiku and, who are some of our representatives of Stoke Foiling in Europe! Their enthusiasm and dedication make us even more excited to take Stoke worldwide. They have been instrumental in introducing the Stoke Foil Boost to water sports enthusiasts, offering their invaluable insights and firsthand experiences, making the showcase a memorable experience for everyone who came out.

How did the Stoke Foil Boost perform in the pool?

World champion winger Balz Muller had the chance to test the Stoke Foil Boost in the pool, and he was beyond impressed. “I was amazed at how little drag the Stoke Foil Boost had while riding and pumping; then, it could produce almost too much thrust when the power was on. Very impressive product, and it will be great for helping people learn and progress their winging or downwind.” – Balz

How did the Stoke Foil Boost perform in the pool?

Find a Stoke demo near you

Thanks to the overwhelming response at boot Dusseldorf, Stoke Foiling is gearing up for more exciting showcases throughout the year. We will be sure to update you via our social channels as the showcase schedule evolves so you, too, can experience the Stoke Foil Boost up close and personal.

If you can’t wait until then for an in-depth look or a test ride, find one of our closest partners to connect with a Stoke Foiling representative in your area.

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