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SUP Foil More With The Stoke Foil Boost

Stand Up Paddleboarding is being transformed by foils. The new foil boards have created an explosion in the popularity of downwind SUP foiling (or down wave SUP foiling to be more accurate) as well as riding a local beach break.

The Stoke Foil Boost takes SUP foiling to the next level. If you’re going downwind and riding the bay or ocean swell the Stoke Foil Boost will allow you to effortlessly link waves and stay up on the foil for longer. You’ll be paddling less, foiling more.

If you’re riding a shore break the Stoke Foil Boost gets you on a smaller wave earlier and keeps you foiling more.

SUP foil more and with less effort with the Stoke Foil Boost

To get foiling, a SUP foiler needs to generate enough power to gain speed. For most people, they’ll need more speed than they can generate with paddling and pumping alone. Which is great when the waves are large enough, but not so good when they’re small.

When the waves aren’t helping you generate enough speed, you could still head out on the water. But you’ll probably spend more time paddling than foiling which can be frustrating. Or you could attach the Stoke Foil Boost to the mast of your foil to get you on the foil and then use the power of the wave to ride.

Enjoy the benefits of the Stoke Foil Boost for SUP foiling

  • The Stoke Foil Boost attaches to any foil mast.
  • Generally, it’s positioned just below the board. This allows it to provide you assistance when you need it, without creating drag when you don’t.
  • The Stoke Foil Boost doesn’t change the dynamics of the SUP ride. 
  • Propulsion is controlled by a robust yet small wireless controller that securely attaches to the paddle.
  • Even when there are waves, using the additional propulsion, you can paddle further, ride waves earlier in the break and progress quicker on your SUP foiling journey. 
  • The Stoke Foil Boost can make your SUP foiling safer, by allowing you to easily get back to shore when you get tired or you go out further than you intend.


Yes, the Stoke Foil Boost has a universal mast mount that is designed to attach to all current foil masts.

It’s surprisingly quick. It only takes a minute to fit the foil boost to the mast of your foil. You then connect the receiver to any part of the surface of your paddleboard using 3M Dual Lock. Adjusting the receiver cable length and attaching the cable guides may take another minute or two.

Using the Stoke Foil Boost for SUP foiling, you’ll get around an hour’s assistance – more than enough for most foilers. If you want longer, you can purchase an additional battery. The batteries can be changed over very quickly.

Less than 2 hours for a full charge.

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